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Our Mission

The mission of Bowlen Pest Control is to provide quality pest control services, at an affordable price. We serve the Greater Bay Area with Pest Control, Termite Control, Termite Inspections and Home Inspections.  See our individual service pages for more info.


Rob Bowlen started working in the pest control industry in 1989 as a technician for a very well known pest control company in California.  From there, he went on to managing other national pest control companies for several years.  From his experience, he realized many areas that could be improved in the pest control industry.  When he started Bowlen Pest Control, his goal was to provide excellence in service, pricing, and standards in pest control.


Why We’re Different

At Bowlen Pest Control, we make sure to do background checks on all of our technicians.  This way there is transparency knowing exactly who is entering your home.  To ensure that the best quality service is provided, Rob Bowlen personally goes out to every job to inspect the work conducted by our pest control technicians.  When it comes to pest control, it is not “one size fits all”.  We treat every home the way it should be treated – as individual properties with unique needs that require specific solutions.


You might be surprised to know that several pest control companies refuse to crawl in the attic or under your home.  This is surprising because the vast majority of pest problems come from under your home and often spreads toward the attic.  At Bowlen Pest Control, we are qualified to inspect those hard-to-reach places.


We want our customers to feel that they have been provided with thorough pest control services so that they feel comfortable enough to refer their friends and family to Bowlen Pest Control.   On top of understanding your pest control needs, Rob Bowlen also has a general contractor’s license; which means that he understands the way your home is built.  Therefore when it comes to reparing damage caused by termites, you know you are in good hands.  This saves you the trouble of having to go to one company to inspect and treat your pest problems, and another company to fix the damage caused by termites.



We Are Environmentally Friendly

Unlike many pest control companies out there, Bowlen Pest Control does our part to implement environmentally friendly techniques, such as integrated pest management.  Rather than going to your home and spraying pesticides everywhere, we take a more careful, investigative approach by conducting a thorough inspection of the property first, and then treating when and where necessary.  We also implement baiting, trapping, fogging, dusting, and gel, aside from just simply spraying pesticides.


Bowlen Pest Control – Providing quality and affordable Termite and Pest Control Services throughout the Bay Area.