Home Buyers Beware!

Protect YourselfProtect Yourself

Don’t rush into a home without making sure a termite report has been submitted.

Protect Your HomeProtect Your Home

Untreated termite damage and/or infestation could cost you thousands of dollars.

Protect Your WalletProtect Your Wallet

Termite Inspections cover more then just termites. As part of a termite inspection we also check for costly fungus and dry-rot damage.

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Pre-Purchase Termite and Home Inspections

Whenever someone sells a home the seller’s goal is to make it look as good as possible for any potential buyers. Consequently, problem areas with the home are often covered up. This is especially unfortunate in the case of pre-existing termite damage, and/or termite infestation.

It is recommended to hire a licensed termite inspector before purchasing a home or investing in any real estate. Even if you have already had a traditional home inspection, many inspectors are not experienced enough or trained to identify for pre-existing termite damage.

Pre-Purchase Termite Home Inspections are usually a cost borne by the buyer, but the negligible cost is worth it in light of the thousands of dollars they save new homeowners every day. Bowlen Pest Control will provide you with a report of our findings outlining any visible damage, as well as infestation areas.