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Termite Control

Termite ControlBowlen Pest Control specializes in termite control in Greater Bay Area. Protect your most important investment – your home!

Don't wait to see termite damage!
If you are concerned about the threat of a termite infestation, we offer free termite inspections. A certified technician will come to your home or building and conduct a thorough examination (both interior and exterior) of all visible termite entry points.

Types of Treatments

Drywood termites are pesky little creatures that go mostly undetected until their damage is done. They burrow deep within the structure of your home, and if not treated quickly can cause you several thousands of dollars in damage. There are a few ways to treat for drywood termites.

Local Treatment – Local Treatment can be conducted to avoid structure fumigation when the termite infestation doesn’t appear to have spread to several areas in your home or building. There are several different types of local treatment available, depending on the extent of the damage as well as the extent of the colony. Treatments include: drill and treat (injecting poison into the infested areas), external treatment application and pre-treatment.

Structure Fumigation - Structure Fumigation is required when several termite colonies are found within a home or building’s interior. This process requires completely enveloping the structure with a termite treatment tent before pumping gas throughout the building. The gas is able to reach all cracks and crevices that termites may be. Every structure is different; therefore it’s important for a termite professional to create a fumigation plan specific to your home or building.

Subterranean termites (found in every state in the US) live in the soil underground, and often work their way towards your home if found around your home. There are several ways to treat for subterranean termites.

Bait and monitoring system – this process includes a termite specialist to install monitoring systems in and around possible entry points. When termites are found, the monitoring systems are replaced with bait stations.

Termite Repellent – this process requires a termite specialist to inject a repelling liquid around the perimeter of your home, causing termites to stay away.

Non-repelling liquid – this is the most effective method of subterranean termite control, which requires a termite specialist to make a barrier in and around your home filled with liquid poison that is undetectable by termites. This causes the termites to freely walk through the poison and bring it back to their nest, spreading it to the colony and the queen, consequently destroying the entire termite colony over time.


Is there existing damage done to your home that needs immediate repair? The Bowlen Construction Crew can also take care of all your termite, dryrot, and fungus damage repair needs. From replacing a piece of window trim, to a complete bathroom remodel, we have you covered!

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